Spring into Performances with Acrobatic Cirque FLIP Fabrique this March


In this all-new, high-energy production, the seven acrobats of Cirque FLIP Fabrique don high heels, then football shoulder pads to dazzle audiences of all ages—circus-style. Muse playfully tackles, literally, the complicated questions of gender archetypes. Set to an original score by beatmaker Millimetric and featuring live onstage vocals by singer Flavia Nascimento, this performance combines breathtaking artistry and athleticism. Prepare for whimsy and wonder as mighty women, elegant men, and gravity-defying humans rejoice in who they are.


Based in Québec City, Canada, FLIP Fabrique is hailed around the world for its performances that are equally as fun and accessible as they are visually stunning. Raves The New York Times, “this troupe offers acts that don’t seem humanly possible.” Get to know FLIP Fabrique’s Artistic Director Bruno Gagnon, an inspiring artist and acrobat.

What elements of Muse are you most excited to bring to the Center for the Arts and can you share any sneak previews of what the audience can expect?

Muse is a brand-new subject, proposal, and brand for FLIP Fabrique. Muse is a very exciting show for us! FLIP Fabrique is known for its acrobatics, poetry, joy, and family-oriented shows—now we bring questions about gender to the table, which can create good discussions with the entire family after seeing the show. We never did anything like this before and are very proud of the result.

Cirque FLIP Fabrique comes to the Center on March 31 and April 1.

What was the process when choosing a sport to combine with concepts about gender stereotypes? Why football? 

To this day, football is often only played by men, so seeing the contrast of a female playing football is very intense. It is very impressive to see acrobats doing their thing with the football gear on (and the football costumes are very nice with the scenography and lighting designs)!  

What advice would you give to those with an interest in pursuing circus arts and acrobatics?

Personally, I could not have seen myself doing anything else. When I was young, I was very hyperactive and nothing else made me feel as good as doing circus arts. Acrobatics gave me life as a boy and teenager. To everyone who is like me, and likes adrenaline or extreme sports, acrobatics is for you! Also, being part of the arts industry is a blessing. I have been an acrobat since I was 18 years old, and for the last 11 years, I have been the Artistic Director of FLIP Fabrique. Anyone who feels they have something to offer in this field should pursue their dreams because we need you!

Purchase your tickets now for Cirque FLIP Fabrique at the Center for the Arts (3/31 and 4/1), and in the meantime, enjoy a collection of vibrant images from Muse.

Cirque FLIP Fabrique comes to the Center on March 31 and April 1.