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Seven Women of Mason

Meet the seven women of Mason. We're sharing one incredible story each week, leading up to our Oct. 18 performance of SEVEN.

Inspired by the L.A. Theatre Works play, SEVEN, the Center for the Arts set out to discover SEVEN WOMEN OF MASON who have stories of overcoming adversity, influencing change, and pursuing transformation in their communities.  

Hear Their Stories

Each week, we will introduce one of these seven impressive women. Here, they will share their story in their own voice. 


B.A. Spanish and Philosophy, 2009

Liana was a Honduran asylee who struggled to make her dream of higher education a reality because of her immigration status. Now she’s an immigration attorney and non-profit leader working for the civil and human rights of others.


Staff, Student Centers. Student, Photography

Sisc grew up in foster care in an environment where limited resources threatened to derail her journey, but her vision for a future led her to become self-sufficient as a teen and pursue her education.


Ph.D. Student, S-CAR

Fakhira left everything she was involved with to pursue a Ph.D. in conflict resolution halfway around the world, so she could contribute to the future between Palestinians and Israelis using her unique perspective with a dual identity as a Palestinian and also a citizen of Israel.


Class of 2021

Cassidy was determined to become an advocate and activist after she began transitioning into her identity as a woman and surviving sexual assault.


Class of 2023

Bella had a lifelong fear of needles when she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, but learned to take care of herself and pursue her passions without letting health challenges get in the way.


B.A., Economics, 1994

Cindy came from an abusive home, but upon realizing she could empower her own happiness, she now coaches others to have the great, joyful life they deserve.


M.A. Arts Management, 2018

Anika was confronted with her own preconceptions of norms when she fell in love with a woman in South Africa.  She moved with her children to the U.S. with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Now, she’s happily married and a leader in arts advocacy.

See their strength

On Mason's Fairfax campus, each woman will be introduced in an exhibit on the food-court level of the Johnson Center. Within this exhibit at the Johnson Center, there is an opportunity for you to add your voice to this project. This visual representation of the collective voice of Mason women will be moved to the Center for the Arts for audience members of the play SEVEN to view and contribute as well.


For more information on dealing with the issues addressed in SEVEN, please visit these resources. This list is not exhaustive, but provides a starting place for those looking for support and/or ideas of how to get involved.

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and do not necessarily reflect those of the Center for the Arts at George Mason University.