Calling all Jitterbugs - SW!NG OUT is a NYT Critic's Pick!

Dancers of SW!NG OUT including AJ Howard, Gaby Cook. Photo by Grace Kathryn Landefeld.

Making its debut at The Joyce Theater in New York in October 2021, SW!NG OUT had critics and audiences tapping their toes and snapping their fingers. SW!NG OUT, which comes to the Center Saturday, March 19 at 8 p.m., was classified as NYT Critic’s Pick by Gia Kourlas, who called the performance “effortless, captivating, perpetually merry,” and in a separate preview feature article on the performance, Brian Seibert of The New York Times shared "Our Dance is Modern Because We're Alive Right Now." 

SW!NG OUT dancers including Joshua Mclean, LaTasha Barnes, Evita Arce, Caleb Teicher, Brian Lawton, and AJ Howard perform with the live onstage band. Photo by Grace Kathryn Landefeld.

With choreography created and directed by critically-acclaimed Caleb Teicher, SW!NG OUT teams up with Lindy Hop champions Evita Arce, LaTasha Barnes, and Nathan Bugh. Co-commissioned by the Center for the Arts, SW!NG OUT is a full-length multidisciplinary work showcasing the Lindy Hop, a swing dance style born in 1930s Harlem that has since exploded through to a vibrant, international community.

The lively evening will conclude with a chance for everyone to join in and get swinging on the Concert Hall stage! Learn more and get tickets for the fiery, joyous experience of SW!NG OUT.