Charitable Donation Request Form

The Center for the Arts has four basic guidelines for donating tickets to community organizations:

1. We donate to non-profit organizations only.

2.  We will honor one request per organization per season, e.g., the 2022-2023 Great Performances at Mason season or the 2023-2024 Great Performances at Mason season.

3. We donate for fundraising efforts, not for prizes, unless the prize-winning is part of a fundraising effort, such as a raffle prize won during a fundraiser “gala dinner and silent auction.” Prize-winning is distinguished from the tickets being “won” by auction bid.

4. If a religious organization is holding a fundraiser, we will donate to that fundraiser if the funds raised benefit the wider community and not exclusively benefit the religious organization.

Our donations are always in the form of a certificate that must be exchanged in person for the tickets at the Center for the Arts Ticket Office. The certificate is usually for two tickets, and we state in our donor information that the maximum value of the certificate is $140.00, based on two tickets to the most expensive choice of performance. There are certain performances for which we do not donate tickets, including the ARTS! By George, Virginia Opera, & SI/CFA performances.
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