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Krasnoyarsk Dance Company of Siberia, 11/9

October 17, 2003
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Sunday, November 9, 4PM

Fairfax, Virginia, October 9, 2003The Krasnoyarsk National Dance Company illustrates the rich cultural heritage of its native Siberia in a lively afternoon performance at George Mason University’s Center for the Arts Concert Hall on Sunday, Nov. 9 at 4 p.m. A pre-performance artistic discussion is held 45-minutes prior to the curtain on the hall’s Grand Tier.

The company hails from the remote areas bordered by the foothills of the Sayan Mountains to the icy Kara Sea and majestic Yenisey River, and creator and choreographer Mikhail Godenko brings out the wealth of Siberian folklore and everyday life in the region with pieces such as "The Mother-in-Law had Seven Sons-in-Law" and "A Girl Went to Fetch Water." A one-act ballet "The Taking of Snow Town" is inspired by the work of Krasnoyarskian-born painter V. I. Surikov.
Like a fairytale revealed, vivid characters in lavishly colorful costumes flow from one folk dance to the next in a single choreographic symphony. Godenko crafts the dances like large choreographic canvases with many episodes and contrasting rhythms. While paying tribute to their remote homeland, this is no mere presentation of peasant dance as Godenko deftly infuses village ritual with modern technique. The company’s orchestra utilizes folk instruments to interweave regional music within the dance pieces. The resulting performance showcases tradition through the eyes of a skillful choreographer and a host of disciplined artists.

Founded in 1960, Krasnoyarsk National Dance Company of Siberia is lovingly embraced by its homeland and has won over audiences worldwide during its many tours and festival appearances.


Played by the orchestra
"My Siberia"
The company welcomes the audience with this dance based on folkloric traditions. Siberia is severe and beautiful; its rivers are powerful and its forest vistas are unbounded. However, the main treasure of Siberia is its people: the hardworking, brave and venturesome Siberians.

"Siberian Lyrical Dance"
This dance is tender and at the same time as reserved as the Siberian character. Majestic is the gait of the girls and the bearing of the young men is very dignified. The men hesitate to express their feelings to their loved ones. Night is drawing near and the men walk their girlfriends home.

Cossack Dance "Krasny Yar" (Red Ravine)
This dance is devoted to Siberian Cossacks, who in the 7th century, on the bank of the mighty Yenisey River, founded the city of Krasny Yar, which was later renamed Krasnoyarsk.

Round Dance "At the Well"
The image of a girl at the well is very popular in folklore. At the well, girls meet, share their secrets, and make arrangements for future meetings.

Quadrille "Merry-Go-Round"
A merry-go-round has been installed on the bank of the Yenisey River, where the young people party to the strains of an orchestra

Gypsy Dance
In keeping with the Gypsy custom, in the evening, young men and women gather together around a bonfire. One of the girls starts with an emotional dance, gradually drawing in everyone around the bonfire.

"Bird Cherry in Bloom"
A girl is courted by two admirers for her beauty. In this dance, each of the young men tries to show his merits and win the girl’s love.

"Farm Yard"
A choreographic composition in which the dancers show, in a clownish manner, a farm yard with its roosters, hens and chicken. There is humor, bravado and mastery.


Round dance with treshchetki (rattles)
Music by V. Kornev; directed by M. Godenko
Treshchetki is a Siberian folk musical instrument that is used in this dance. On a Bench Music by V. Kornev; directed by M. Godenko
In a festive setting, young men and women meet on a bench near a house. Getting acquainted, playing games, and lighthearted dancing create the right mood for romance and love.

"Yenisey River Workers"
The Podtyosovo settlement is located on the banks of the Yenisey River; its residents are river workers. This dance is devoted to them.

Dance with Spoons and Birch Bark
This picturesque dance, using the simplest folk musical instruments - spoons and birch bark – made from the most accessible materials, is an old tradition in Russian folklore.

Danced to the tune of the popular Russian melody "Kalinka."
Balalaika solo
Russian folk tunes.

"Along the Street"
Music by V. Kornev; directed by M. Godenko
In the evening, after work, young men and women meet on the main street of the village. They dance to the strains of cheerful music.

Musical arrangement by V. Musov; directed by N. Goroshevsky
The dance is based on American folklore.
Choreographic suite "Dance Has No Bounds"

Dance Finale

Tickets for KRASNOYARSK NATIONAL DANCE COMPANY OF SIBERIA are $42, $34, $21. FAMILY FRIENDLY! All children (12 and under) half price! Charge by phone at 703-218-6500 or visit The Center for the Arts complex is located on the Fairfax campus of George Mason University at the intersection of Braddock Road and Route 123. Paid parking is located in the deck adjacent to the mainstage Concert Hall and FREE parking is located in university lot K.

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