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INTERVENTIONS - Visual Arts curated by Graduate Students...

September 25, 2003
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Art and Visual Technology Graduate Student Program
September 22 through October 22
Opening Reception: Wednesday, October 1, 5:30PM
Center the Arts Concert Hall
Non Traditional Curatorial Practices Focusing on Time Based Media
Guest Speaker: Carlos Davis, Advisor to the International Spy Museum
Closing Reception Wednesday, October 22, 4:30PM
A talk by CVPA, Dean Bill Reeder and Curator and Faculty member Claire MacDonald

Fairfax, Virginia, September 17, 2003--INTERVENTIONS showcases and promotes non-traditional, inter-media work, and time-based art practices. Time-based works are those which change or evolve through time, such as video, webcasting, sound, multi-media, performance, and sculpture. Graduate students at George Mason Universityís College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA), Department of Art and Visual Technology (AVT) host the month long project whose focus is to be outside the gallery and around the George Mason campus.
The goal of INTERVENTIONS is to promote graduate students, as well as local and international emerging artists working with similar ideas and technologies. The opening event, on Wednesday, October 1, on the grand tier of the Center the Arts Concert Hall, George Mason Universityís Fairfax campus, features talks and by Carlos Davis, an advisor to the International Spy Museum, and Scott Martin, Assistant Dean CVPA, and Department Chair for AVT. Two panel discussions are scheduled: one on new curatorial practices, and the other on exhibiting sound and technology in art. Steve Bradley from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Victoria Reis, and Jayme McLellan, co-founder of Transformer Gallery in Washington, D.C., and Zoe Kosmidou Director and Curator of Penelopeia Project, are just a few of the invited participants. In conjunction with two GMU graduate thesis shows, multimedia installations are also scheduled: Lara Oliveiraís Digital Ontogeny, and Huda Totonjiís Birdwatcher. Artist and faculty member Andy Holtinís A Clock, which depends on itself for its own movement represents some of our time-based sculpture. International works include DeJeuner Sur LíHerbe by Ukraine artist Nika Oblak and Primoz Novak based in Slovenia, Digital Ontogeny by Brazilian artist Lara Oliveira, Permutations by Ecuadorian artist Galo Moncayo among others.
INTERVENTIONS wants to provoke viewers into questioning issues and roles in curating art. How does technology change the way we view art? Who posses ownership of the work that is displayed in non-traditional ways? This project is about putting art in unexpected places: on the computer screens in the, and TV monitors where students, faculty, staff, and visitors can come across it as they eat, browse, and walk between classes. Events will be hosted in the concert hall, Johnson Center Library, Bistro, La Patisserie, courtyard, corridors, and stairwells.
The department of Art and Visual Technology is well known for its combination of art and new technologies. INTERVENTIONS began as an idea by InterArts faculty member Claire MacDonald, herself a writer and former theatre artist, who felt that the college needed to show new work in new ways. "There is of course a huge pressure on our gallery spaces", she says. "There is also a lot to be gained by thinking of other places as potential spaces for art. In the art world today artists make art work for public spaces, parks and public buildings, perform on the street and make work for the web."
The student curators hope INTERVENTIONS becomes a yearly event attracting more voices and works from across the world. With internet access, we are connected to a global community. This connection, is a new way of connecting artist to artist, allowing us to know what artists in Bangladesh, the Ukraine, and in Brazil are doing. INTERVENTIONS is showing work that uses new tools and new ideas. It is all about communication with other artists. More details and a complete calendar can be found at

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