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The newest TFA family musical from Mary Hall Surface and David Maddox is now available on CD!  To save her pueblo and her Mamá from the greedy Don Ricardo, young Telémaca must find her long-absent hero father and bring him home. Inspired by Homer's Odyssey and set in a world of Mexican magical realism, this new musical features a lively score that sings of brave Telémaca's heroic deeds and supernatural adventures—and romance, too.

TFA's smash hit from the 1999-2000 season, Sing Down the Moon, is now available on CD! This tapestry of folktales, ballads and legends, inspired by the incredible cultural wealth of the Appalachian Mountain region, has been captured on this double CD set that the entire family will enjoy.

The original cast album from TFA's 2001 hit production, is now available on CD. Perseus Bayou sets the Greek Myth of Perseus and Medusa in the chaotic world of post-civil War Louisiana. A classic tale of adventure, romance and heroic deeds, Perseus Bayou is a delightful gumbo of Cajun-inspired music, dialogue and storytelling for the whole family.

Nathan the WiseA world premiere translation/adaptation by Paul D'Andrea of G.E. Lessing's classic 18th-century play — tells the story of Jerusalem in 1192, during a truce that has brought the bloody fighting of the Third Crusade to a temporary halt.

This remarkable story with its triple historical perspective of a 12th century crisis, an 18th century play, and a 21st century adaptation and production — offers a healing journey to contemporary audiences, filled with historical insight into the political and religious situation of the time as a powerful lens through which to consider the afflictions of today's world.

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