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CSI Arts Presents, Iranian Lady by Homay and the Mastan

  • November 20, 2011 at 7:30 pm

Concert Hall

Iranian Traditional music by the Young and Energetic Group, Homay and the Mastan Ensemble. This group is banned in Iran but most popular in and out of Iran.

Homay was born in Gilan, a province located in North-west portion of Iran, bordering the Caspian Sea. From the age of seven, Homay began homing in on his musical and artistic talents. He wrote his first work of serious poetry at nine years old.

Receiving his formal education in art studies and pursuing his degree from The Conservatory of Music in Tehran, Iran, Homay studied Persian poetry among Iran's most notable poets.

As a child, Homay began pursuing his dream of becoming a professional performer and classical Persian singer, and did so by focusing all his energy on developing his artistic and musical talents.

Homay & the Mastan Ensemble enjoyed instant success immediately after the release of their album entitled "Meeting With Doozakhian," or "Meeting with Sinners among the Flames", which was written, composed, and sang solely by Homay. This album was performed in over 50 separate venues throughout Iran, Europe and the United States, exceeding over 100,000 in ticket sales. The group's instant success was evident when so well received by younger generations- here, Homay was able to introduce formal and traditional classical Persian music to a new genre of individuals. CDs and DVDs were duplicated by the thousands and quickly spread across international boundaries to fulfill demand originating in the United States.

Homay & the Mastan Ensemble released "In Che Jahanist?" ("Questions for Our World,” “What sort of World is This?") in 2007, an album that examining the relationship between human beings and the reality that they create. Evoking the concepts of Heaven and Hell, the lyrics of the music state that they are within the same universe and their apparentability is based on the reality that the beholder creates.

The release of this album garnered much attention and dialogue in Persian Music. Since the release of the album, Homay has been compared to top tier of Persina classical performing musicians.

In his music and lyrics, Homay engages thought regarding three psychological and philosophical questions: (1) human beings should utilize kindness and unity to prevent fighting and the decay of mankind; (2) that no human being has the right to disturb life; and (3) an attempt to answer the question of whether humans created God, or whether God created humans.

Since then, Homay has received acclamations and honors as a Persian classical music composer, performer, singer, lyricist , and poet. His performances have been held at notable and sizable venues across the globe, including but not limited to Los Angeles' Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Lincoln Center in New York, Strathmore Hall in the Washington D.C. area, and Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto, Canada.

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