Season Event

Aquila Theatre: Macbeth

  • January 28, 2012 at 8:00 pm

Concert Hall


“Fair is foul and foul is fair” in this acclaimed British/American touring company’s rendering of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy.  In this brutal and chaotic tale, nothing is as it seems and men combat their own madness and fates. Scottish general Macbeth, fresh from victory, comes across three witches in the forest on his journey home. The witches present an intriguing prophecy: one day he will be the King of Scotland. When Lady Macbeth hears the news, she persuades her husband to commit regicide, leading the couple into a murderous and maddening descent into war, insanity, guilt, and death. Superstitiously referred to as “the Scottish play,” Macbeth
has enjoyed considerable success despite its notoriety as a cursed play, and Aquila Theatre breathes new life into this wickedly troubled work. “The most exhilarating, inventive theater company that has put down roots here in many years.” (American Reporter)

Pre-Performance Discussion: Members of the Company (Jan 28, 2012) Pre-Performance Discussion

$40, $32, $20