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L.A. Theatre Works: The Real Dr. Strangelove

  • January 28, 2011 at 8:00 pm

Concert Hall

L.A. Theatre Works: The Real Dr. Strangelove

If you have the knowledge, are you obligated to use it? America’s premier radio theater company brings Peter Goodchild’s gripping docu-drama to the stage to explore this critical question. It tells of the fractured relationship between the scientists Teller and Oppenheimer, and outlines the dramatic events that set America on the path to becoming a nuclear superpower—and the resulting consequences. Film and television actors John Getz (The Social Network, NCIS, Mad Men) and John Vickery (Star Trek and the original Scar in The Lion King on Broadway) star as Oppenheimer and Teller with this incredible company known for poignantly relevant works, first-rate casts, live sound effects, and an exceptional connection to the audience. “Consistently superb work,” says the Los Angeles Times.

Pre-Performance Discussion: Members of the Company (Jan 28, 2011) Pre-Performance Discussion

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