Season Event

Leahy: A Leahy Family Christmas

  • December 16, 2012 at 7:00 pm

Concert Hall

Experience a traditional Leahy family Christmas — a time for friends and family, joyous song, lively dance, and storytelling that lasts well into the night. This delightful family of musicians and dancers performs a festive blend of time-honored Celtic melodies and treasured Christmas carols, along with some of their signature hits. Even their young children take the stage to join in the festivities and to show off the marvelous talent that has touched every generation of this remarkable family. Described by the Buffalo News as “fresh, vibrant, and engaging,” these eight musical siblings grew up playing music on their family farm, exploring their Irish-Scottish roots while perfecting their many musical talents. They have since captivated awestruck fans the world over with their mastery of the fiddle, ferocious step-dancing, and effervescent spirit. “Leahy makes Christmas a true family affair!” says the Calgary Herald. We couldn’t agree more.

$50, $42, $25