Accessibility at the
Center for the Arts

The Center for the Arts is dedicated to providing an enjoyable experience by making our performances and our facilities accessible to all.

Below is a list of services that the Center for the Arts can provide patrons needing assistance:

Assistance for patrons who are blind or have low vision:

Assistance for patrons who are deaf or hard of hearing:

Assistance for patrons who have mobility disabilities:

Parking: Those patrons needing accessible parking will find three locations close to the building. The first is located along Mason Pond Drive across the street from the Concert Hall with a limited number of spaces. There are signs and parking attendants to assist anyone with directions or any special needs. The second location is in the Mason Pond Parking Deck located next to the Concert Hall. Specific locations are designated for accessible parking. There is a fee to park in the deck. The third location is in the Mason Hall parking lot. This lot is located off Mason Pond Drive next to Mason Hall.

The police staffing the performance can assist patrons with the location of available spaces. At any time, patrons may drop off and pick up in front of the Concert Hall. The Concert Hall does have a wheelchair that can be used to transport patrons from the drop off zone to their seats and back.

TTD Service: Please call us through the Virginia Relay service 800-828-1140.

There are currently no events scheduled to provide accessibility services.

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